Lyra Is SAFU

Following the example of all serious crypto projects Lyra founded Insurance Fund - Secure Asset Fund for Users in the amount of Lyra.

We will allocate 10% of total circulation into SAFU to offer protection to our users, hodlers and their funds in extreme cases, like system bugs, hacking attacked etc… This fund will be stored in a separate cold wallet and can be accessed only in cases of extreme emergency.

These actions take root because we value our users’ security first and foremost. We want our community to feel safe.

With that being said, from a security standpoint, our goal every day is to never use SAFU, and we hope to achieve this by doing our part in providing the most secure crypto platforms possible for all of our Lyrians.

History of SAFU

Date From Accident Description Lost Recovery Link Status Note
22 Nov. 2021 Doan Lam "@jfkwn I can't see block of 20, 21 Nov. System is still working well?" (TBA) (TBA) Fixed [Github Commit] Processing this is bug, error accumulation of 0.00000001 floating point calculation rounding. the last non-zero staking account may lost payments for several days.
17 Nov. 2021 ChabG "i just lost nearly 80k LYR unstaking when i was expecting no fee charge" 77,600 LYR 80,000 LYR Github Issue Processed Bug fixed and funds transfered. [TX]
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